Trevor West

Elder, Pastor of Family Discipleship

Trevor’s life took a new direction in 2016 when he discovered the liberating truths of God’s grace in Romans 7. This revelation led him and his wife to leave the Church of Christ, and they now play active roles in and lead the Steadfast Parenting ministry. Trevor is also pursuing certification as a biblical counselor through A.C.B.C, all while being a devoted parent to his five children.

Corbin Clarke

Elder, Forthcoming Biblical Counselor

Corbin, who grew up in Indiana, faced adversity in an abusive household and later entered the foster system. He found a new family when his local church pastor adopted him, and this experience, along with encountering the Gospel, shaped his calling to ministry. Corbin holds a Diploma of Theology from Reformation Seminary and enjoys studying theology and biblical themes. He is married to Haley, and they are raising three children.

Joseph Houser

Elder, Associate Pastor

Growing up in San Diego, Joseph’s childhood was marked by a broken family and a Mormon upbringing. In his mid-twenties, Joseph and his wife embraced the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Their lives have since been devoted to following Him and raising their three beloved children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Today, Joseph holds a graduate studies diploma in Pastoral Theology from Reformation Seminary and finds deep satisfaction in studying and teaching God’s word.