Joshua Wills


Joshua is a man whose life is defined by his deep commitment to serving others. His heart, brimming with compassion and humility, is the guiding force behind his calling to the diaconate. He is an enthusiastic and dedicated reader of theology, immersing himself in the profound depths of historical literature to further enrich his understanding of biblical doctrine. This passion for theological knowledge isn’t just a personal pursuit; Joshua actively seeks opportunities to share the Gospel, embracing each moment as a chance to spread the word and love of God.

Joshua was born and grew up in the Northwest region of Washington state. Growing up as a child of divorced parents, Joshua has embraced and has a great appreciation for the God-given relationship of marriage, which has resulted in a unified home where he and his wife raise their two beautiful children. He and his wife have been happily married since 2010.

After moving back to Washington from California, Joshua came to Christ and was baptized at the age of 23. Since then, Joshua has continued to express his love for the Church through continual servitude to the Lord’s people. Through this service and love for the Church, Joshua finds the ability to reflect Christ’s work in his life best.

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