Trevor West

Elder, Family Discipleship

Trevor’s upbringing was marked by the influence of the Church of Christ, a denomination known for its works-based, legalistic doctrine. However, in 2016, by the power of the Holy Spirit and the reading of His word, Trevor encountered the life-changing truths of Romans 7, which unveiled his own sinfulness, God’s boundless mercy and immeasurable grace, and the exclusive righteousness of God found in Christ. This revelation not only transformed Trevor’s own life but also enabled him to proclaim the Gospel to his wife, prompting their departure from the Church of Christ.

Today, Trevor actively contributes to the mission of as a valued member of its Board of Directors, while also leading a family ministry called Steadfast Parenting with his wife. Additionally, Trevor is pursuing certification as a biblical counselor through A.C.B.C, equipping himself with the necessary skills to provide sound guidance based on biblical principles. Trevor and his wife, married in 2009, cherish their role as parents to their five children and embrace the joy and responsibility that comes with raising a godly family.

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