A New Reformed Church in Prescott, Arizona

King's Way, Reformed Church, Prescott Arizona

In 2023, pastors Dale Partridge and Joseph Houser, along with elders Trevor West and Corbin Clarke, planted King’s Way—a reformed church in Prescott, Arizona. Partridge, who is the founder of Relearn.org and holds a Graduate Studies Certificate from Western Seminary, is also an author of several Christian books including “The Manliness of Christ,” “The Ground of Good Theology,” and “Simple Theology: A Gospel Catechism for Kids.”

The church’s mission focuses on raising up Gospel-fluent families who proclaim Christ in Prescott. Holding to the Westminster Confession of Faith, the congregation emphasizes the importance of biblical and theological literacy. Pastor Dale is well-known for his expository preaching style that methodically examines Scripture verse by verse and consistently points to the cross.

King’s Way sets itself apart in several distinct respects. The church upholds conservative and traditional stances on marriage and family, and it ensures a high level of pastoral care by maintaining at least one elder for every ten member families. Their worship includes the singing of psalms and hymns, and they practice family-integrated services, where all ages worship together. Additionally, they cultivate community by hosting a fellowship feast after each Sunday service.

Ultimately, King’s Way has moved away from a pragmatic form of Christianity that has embraced the pagenatry of the modern church. Instead, they strive to revive the powerful, Gospel-centered kingdom mentality that was once a hallmark of past generations.

What to Expect

King's Way Reformed Church in Prescott Arizona

We gather at 10 a.m. on Sunday mornings with worship starting at 10:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. and a fellowship meal after service from 12 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. Most people wear upper-casual dress. Men wear collared shirts and nice pants and women typically wear dresses. As for children, we embrace a family-integrated approach to church. This means that during our worship gatherings, children sit alongside their parents. However, we understand the needs of infants and young toddlers, so we provide a designated cry area outside the sanctuary. This space allows parents to tend to their little ones during the gathering.

If you would like to visit, join us at 10:30am at the Prescott Yavapai College Campus in Building 19, which is connected to the Library. You will see our King’s Way canopy, flags, and parking lot signs upon arrival.